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Saturday, April 23, 2016

post-marathon life

How does one enjoy life after a marathon?

By enjoying prosciutto in its home of Parma, Italy.

Then enjoying it along with Parma's other famous food of Parmesan cheese in a home-cooked meal on the last night in Italy..

Sidetone: The day after the marathon, I started to come down with a sore throat..

I was only back in Flag for five days before flying out again. Three out of five days I had no voice.  Getting right back into travel did not help the sore throat situation and was rather painful for my upper body. 

Got 4 workouts in during 6 days in St. Louis! The ellipticals were fancy.

Enjoying a Cardinals game. Yes, I ate a hot dog. No shame.

As you can see, enjoying my usual favorite foods is the trend. Sushi at the Drunken Fish in Ballpark Village..

Finally back in Flagstaff and feeling well again, getting some Monday morning lifting in.

Then finally, my first run in 16 days, 5k mostly on the trails.  It was tough.  Don't ask me about the run the day after this one... (4.2 miles of all trail..and pain, thanks to being sick..again!)

My body was feeling really weak due to a second round of being sick; instead of pushing it and running a quick 2 miler, I laid out by the pool instead during our first 70 degree day of the year.

Remember my ankle pains? Well, obviously I ran through it for the marathon and such, but decided to get it checked out since I was still feeling that dull pain..

Yup, a brace.

Turns out I have Posterior Tibalius Tendonitis, aka PTT.  This happens to folks like me who are a bit flat-footed. I will be going through physical therapy twice a week and wearing this brace whenever I am not wearing supportive shoes (basically all the time).  Luckily, I wasn't planning on training for my next marathon for another 2 months so this isn't the worst. However, there are a few races coming up for our Summer Run Series and we'll see if I can run in those.

On a happier note, I signed up to be on the Oiselle Volee team so I am pretty excited about this!