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Thursday, April 7, 2016

48 hours in barcelona

Here is how we spent our two days in Barcelona, with some little tips along the way..!


La Sagrada Familia
* Gaudi's seemingly forever under construction Roman Catholic church
* Reserve tickets in advance!
* Make sure to go up in either the Passion or Nativity Tower (Passion has an elevator/lift to go up and down, Nativity only has a lift to go up, then stairs to go down)

Casa Batllo
* Creation of Gaudi
* Reserve tickets in advance!
* Good rainy day activity

Parc Guell
* Entrance was very confusing - we never actually went in
* Great views of Barcelona - you don't have to pay!
* Quite a trek from central Barcelona

Catedral de Barcelona
* Free at certain times
* Make sure to dress appropriately


* In Spain, eating times are much later for lunch and dinner! Don't be surprised if places are closed at times you want to eat. You can always snack on tapas though..

* Snacks/appetizers famous in Spanish cuisine

@ de Tapa Madre

@ our hostel Casa Garcia

Paella con seafood

@ El Dique

Churros con chocolate


Hot Chocolate
* Much thicker/more delicious than American hot chocolate!