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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 running year in review

I'm ready for 2016 already! But first, to share some goals from this past year.

This past August, I decided to make some year-end goals to see if I could accomplish these before the close of 2015.  Let's take a look!

Complete half marathon under 2:07:00
Done x2
2:05:04 - Flagstaff Half Marathon on 9/19 @ 8000 ft altitude
1:49:26 - Gilbert Half Marathon on 11/21 (Whoa, huge PR!)

Looking down because I am terrified that I will trip and fall over the finish line. 

Improve pace from 10:14 to 9:45 for runs over 4 miles
Done! Last few runs...
5.5 mi/8:50 pace (@ altitude)
11 mi/9:05 pace (@ sea level)
6 mi/8:36 pace (@ sea level)
5 mi/8:50 pace (@ altitude)
9 mi/9:06 pace (@ 3000 ft)

My first 10k of the year. Trying to give the camera a thumbs up, instead just showing off my majestic form.

Improve pace from 9:45 to 9:15 for runs under 4 miles
Done! Last few runs... (all at altitude)
3.1 mi/9:02 pace 
3 mi/8:30 pace
3.1 mi/8:17 pace 

A goal not listed but accomplished: Visiting Zion!

Invest in second pair of road running shoes for training
Not done.
Probably the easiest goal to complete too! I am looking into the Brooks Launch 2 as they are on sale..I have no idea what color I want. Help!


Read Eat and Run
A major factor in my decision to go back to the vegetarian life (note: life, not diet).

I can still eat crepes so life is just fine.

Try a new recipe every month
Thank you, Blue Apron!

Also, NatureBox is an obsession.

Update blog every week

Because selfies with Ollie just isn't a good enough hobby.

I am super excited to set goals for 2016 - those will be posted tomorrow before I head off to...

The Fiesta Bowl!!!