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Sunday, December 20, 2015

marathon training week 3

Let's talk about hips.

My right hip hasn't actually stopped aching since I hiked Mt. Elden in late October. I'm not sure why it took me this long to realize I shouldn't let this persist (stubbornness is probably a pretty good reason) so I decided to see a chiropractor this week.


Monday morning started off well with a nice snow storm, and me falling right outside the apartment. Like total feet gave out from under me, hit my head kind of fall. I actually landed on my left hip so I guess..that's a good thing? It still aches here and there as I write about this on Sunday.

Flagstaff, also, was the coldest part of the country this week...

Anyway, Monday afternoon I saw the Chiro. He mentioned a bunch of "itis" related items concerning my right hip, and took an x-ray.  The electric therapy was different. Definitely made the pain go away for almost a day.  Icing for 5 minutes at a time was his main advice until I went back on Wednesday.

 He gave me this Chinese herbal gel to cool the aching.

I also did 30 minutes of Pilates per a random YouTube video. Ollie was interested.


Technically, the doctor didn't tell me to rest, so I ran per usual.

Intervals - 5 mi, 8:50 pace.

This was hard. Both hips were aching and I had to pause for 30 seconds after each fast interval (around 7:30-7:40), but I got it done. 

20 minute warm up and cool down, then 3 min fast x 3 min easy (x4)


I headed back to the chiro on Wednesday, where he confirmed that I have tendonitis and bursitis in my right hip.  Along with icing, I should be doing a lot more stretching and strengthening. (I strengthen already..but definitely don't stretch). I asked if I should stop running and he said it would help... I feel like that should have been a definite yes after doing research afterwards. (Also, my left leg is shorter than the right I walk favoring one side over the other, and my posture is not great..surprise surprise)

Did I mention how cold it was this morning?

After I got home, I walked it out on the treadmill and started the icing, stretching, and strengthening routine. And decided that I need to skip the next few runs and focus on those three items.


I lifted - but with a lot more stretching.  

Feeling more legit with high socks in the gym.

Less legit afterwards with ice, ice baby.



I literally have to move Ollie so I can ice my hip. He takes it as an invitation to cuddle.


Lifted, added more squats. 


Cross train - biked for 30 minutes, then walked on the treadmill for an hour. AKA got my Parks and Recreation fix in.

Got a healthy dusting of snow this morning.

I never go on this side of town, but there's a secret little post office over here that is open on Sundays..

Overall, kind of disappointing to rest but I have felt an improvement in my hip since focusing on icing and stretching. Hopefully will get back to running soon!