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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

soldier's pass

After my long run (and two granola bars and coconut water..usually enough..), I had it planned to go on a hike with my new Canon camera. Which hike - I had no idea. So I vaguely remembered the directions to one I read about - Soldier's Pass, and drove on over.

Warning: I barely skimmed some tutorials for the camera so these pictures are not the best. But hey - they're high quality!

The unique feature of this hike are the sinkholes. 

(my f/ setting was too high..)

And I guess these "pools" leading into the second one. I'm thinking they are supposed to be more epic or something.

Here's an example of too much exposure. Learn from my mistakes.

The trail was a bit muddy from the prior day's snow storm.

The views along the way.

To where? I had and still have no idea.

For real, I don't know where the end of the trail was. But I was hungry and sore. So, back I went.

On the way back, I took the Jeep path because I expected it to be flatter - luckily, I was right.

Finally, I made it back to my car and devoured the Nutella snack pack and the remains of the coconut water.

Basically, the learnings from this hike - always bring snacks (and water - didn't have that either), and make note of when the trail is supposed to end, or track it via GPS. This would be a great hike if it started earlier in the day - it joins several other trails which of course, is common in Sedona, but always wonderful.