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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

marathon training outtakes

Now that you've read my tips for training for your first marathon training. Let me share some of the lesser known aspects of marathon training - in pictures.

Sometimes selfies that describe how your run went are completely necessary.

Training for a spring marathon? Time to get to know your local treadmill.

You will take random pictures in the middle of runs to try to capture your experience for social media.

Sometimes you'll reminisce about your shorter races after long runs. (though this picture was the 15k that turned 13.1..)

Pancakes + nut butter + banana = your post long run best friend.

You will guilt trip your friends into coming to visit when you have a race.

Post-training races, you will obsessively check the race photo website because you are SO sure they got an awesome picture of you. 

Then you're incredibly disappointed.

You will start obsessively taking pictures of your food, no matter how disgusting or boring it looks.

 Running your long run in really cool places is extremely helpful.

New selfie poses will be developed.

You will eat so much food. 

Think: this entire greek yogurt container in 12 hours. 3+ bunches of bananas in a week. All of the snacks in your Naturebox and Graze in less than 3 days. All of this by yourself. Absolutely no sharing.

It will feel really weird to taper. And you will gain weight. Especially if you're a genius and carb up in Italy for those tapering weeks.

Avoiding race photographers pre-race is impossible. They will sneak out from nowhere and give you less than a second to pose.

And you will finish. I promise. And it will be SO worth it.