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Monday, May 23, 2016

10k training, w1/4: when bad food is suddenly so good

Not pictured: 8 pieces of pizza. No shame.


Cycling: 10 min easy, 30 min tempo, 10 min easy run
Hot Yoga

All smiles before 6a, right?!


Lifting: Full body

This was supposed to be speedwork day. Then I ate healthy for lunch and felt sick. 

I also found out that my stuff was supposed to be packed..Wednesday. So as much as I want to blame my sandwich and salad, pretty sure stomach issues can be blamed on stress.


Speedwork: 6 mi/8:48 pace/4x1200, 1 mi warm-up and cool-down

Baked these salted caramel cookies for the movers. And got them pizza. They hardly ate either so...you can guess what happened.

Yes, I ate all of the cookies by nightfall, and ate the pizza the next three days. Speedwork went pretty darn well considering my healthy fuel.

The ankle wasn't feeling too hot at the beginning of softball then it chilled out.


Tempo: 5 mi/8:43 pace/3 mi at tempo (ish), 1 mi warm-up and cool-down

The view right at the end of the run.


Rest Day/Walk on treadmill
Mexican for lunch - Salmon tacos with mango salsa, and veggies on the side. An exorbitant amount of chips and salsa was also eaten. Duh.

Got my new Fitbit Alta! It's pretty chic.


Long Run: 10mi/9:16 pace

Took it easy on the treadmill for this since I haven't gone over 6 in a while and didn't want to kill my ankle. However, it felt pretty good during and after!

Went hiking at some National Monuments after - more pics to come!


Hike: Petrified Forest National Park

Once again, more pics to come.

Our only meal of the day was both of our first times at Sonic. It hit the spot. But the guilt was so real.

Intense Sunday night bingo to close out the week.  One last week in Flagstaff..