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Sunday, July 5, 2015

monsoons are here!

This week was a good running week! Started off with a toasty 7 miler on Monday. I wanted to run more but the lightning and thunder was getting a bit intense.

On Wednesday, I finally hit up a real trail again for running.. a real trail to me is one that clearly not well maintained. It was a bit late for a run as my softball coach meeting was unofficially the longest meeting of all time, but it was nice to see the sunset!

The view.

Then, on Friday I went on a road run at 6a, which of course caused hanger to hit right when I arrived in Glendale for some holiday outlet shopping.  Where did all of the veggies at Subway go?!

Always love the change of scenery on the drive between Phoenix and Flag.

Saturday was the 4th - we had a float in the parade, and I copied Jenny's dish of a fruit flag.  Going to get some greek yogurt so I can have some fruity greek yogurt the rest of the week.
I ate half of the greek yogurt pretzel bag before this.

Finally, today, my goal was a 11.5 mi long run, and I ended up running 12.5.  I admit I walked a few seconds up some steep, rocky hills, but kept up a decent slow steady pace.

There's a smile but inside I'm dying. Need to look into a Camelbak for running, to keep myself hydrated and fueled on these long runs!