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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

10k training, w4/4: HUMIDITY and my next Marathon!

What my week looked like pre-10k race and my next races..


Group Run: 6 mi
First ever Group Run, and it sure was hilly and humid..

First day at Corporate!

The epicenter of Pet Food!


Speedwork: 4 mi/8:45 pace

No picture. Just imagine a lot of sweat. Pre-6am.


Lifting: in the AM.
2 mi walk around the neighborhood.

So green but so hot.


Tempo: 3 mi/8:20 pace

Indulged in Jeni's.  All of the new flavors are amazing. (If I was taking my 10k seriously I probably wouldn't have had this..)



I like my new walk in and out of work. 



Picture outtake from the race.


Lifting: AM
Walk in the PM

Explored the neighborhood post-thunderstorm. Found a nice little park!

What's next? Marathon training of course! I am taking this week off from a rigid training schedule. (Let's be honest, I'm still working out and running, just giving myself less of a guilt trip when I eat bad stuff :P)

I've already signed up for my half-marathon that I will be running during my training! I am eyeing another one in late August but not sure about that one yet.

Oh, and where will I be running this marathon? Somewhere just as cosmopolitan as Milan.. 


Duh. Hometown love.

The race is the Towpath Marathon and it actually goes through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Which is basically where I grew up.  The second and last turn-around point in the race is actually in my hometown, and on the path where I used to have track practices (and I struggled so hard because these were the long-distance practices..oh, how far I've come). 

I am already PUMPED to train in this wicked humidity, so keep an eye out for my weekly training updates and humidity complaints.