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Monday, June 6, 2016

10k training, w3/4: ROAD TRIP edition.


Speedwork, 6 mi, 8:40 pace

McMillan Mesa by Buffalo Park is where I got over my mental running block so I figured it was best to run my last Flagstaff run here. It was a gorgeous day for it!


Cycle in the AM

Hike: Arches National Park (various short hikes, then 3 mile round trip to Delicate Arch)

The halfway point of Road Trip Day 1 was Monument Valley!

Then I checked out quite a few arches at Arches National Park. 


Hike: 5 mi in the AM

Lift then Hike/Run: 3.6 mi in the PM

My intention was to go to Canyonlands this morning but I really liked what I saw of Arches on Tuesday and knew I hadn't even scraped the surface as far as the park's potential.

The most strenuous hike is Devil's Garden in Arches. Due to my time crunch and also for safety purposes, I was able to hike 5 of the 7.2 mile hike. Rock scrambling is not my strength.

Then, I made way up to Denver and went on an impromptu run/hike with a colleague and her husband in Golden.  It was absolutely stunning!


4 mi trail run, 9:06 pace

Before heading out on my 10 hour drive, I made sure to drive up to Boulder to check out a trail run.  Totally worth it.

The wildflowers, trail, and mountain views were epic!!

And just like that, we hit the rolling hills of Kansas.  Actually not that bad of a state to drive through!

Decided to stop for the night due to exhaustion and to watch the Cavs game of course!


Rest thank goodness!

First Melting Pot experience. It was quite tasty.


7 mi, 8:29 pace

I would've run this early but the Gas guy was supposed to come in the AM.  So I ran this around 11a and HELLO HUMIDITY. However,  it wasn't just the humidity destroying my soul..

My shirt became a dress.

This week was officially the most steps I have gotten in a week at 150,000; topping our second week in Italy by a mere 200 steps!  I could feel my exhaustion and lack of complete nutrition (basically ate almond butter/agave sandwiches the entire road trip) during this run on Saturday.


3.1 mi/8:11 pace

This run was not planned. I saw so many people running that I wanted to run too..

Overall - great week! Now only a few days left until my first 10k on the road!