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Friday, September 4, 2015

give me food or give me food

This week has a been little crazy! 

Since Tuesday was packed with activities after work, I had to fit in my run at 430a.  Whatever works. First time I've ever gotten a run before the sunrise.

Attention deprived as you can tell.

I expressed my sorrow to coworkers about my Pinterest fail last weekend.  One of them was very kind to lend me a book about high altitude baking and left me two banana chocolate chip muffins! Which I devoured within 5 minutes.

AKA: My second breakfast.  (Which is slowly becoming normal)

I scored all of this zucchini from a coworker as well.  The food gods have been treating me well.  Not pictured: Basil and Catnip. Real.

Wednesday I had 6.5 fartlek planned along with our softball doubleheader.  I actually cut it pretty close as far as getting my run done in time, and I also really felt like I was moving at a glacial pace the entire run even when I was supposed to be going quicker, but I managed a 9:20 pace.

I had a quick sandwich picnic after outside the library.

Also.. even though it was around 75 degrees out during our softball games, I was FREEZING right when I got there and it lasted until the second game.  I've noticed this before after running and decided to research what the cause may be.  Turns out I just my lose my body heat quicker than normal.

I treated myself to a $1 hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  Best dollar I have spent in a long time.

Thursday was a solid 4 mile tempo run at Buffalo Park.  

My arms are gorilla-esque, I know.

Finally, resting today before a long run early tomorrow morning.  After that, I'm headed out with a friend to Zion for the first time ever! 

Go Buckeyes!!!