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Sunday, June 21, 2015

long run sunday: summer solstice!

According to Timehop, I ran outside for the first time three years ago... and it appears that a year passed, and I was struggling to ran farther than two miles:

Today, I decided to step it up from last week's long run of 8 miles, and go for 11.  It was a success! 

And what defines success? Actually running all 11 (with the exception of stopping at intersections), and ...not dying. Which..it was a close one once I got to my car. At the halfway point, which was in the middle of this limestone walled canyon, I tried out an energy gel which boosted my energy for... a mile or two then the struggle started.  Regardless, I got 11.2 in, though it was harder than expected, I survived!

(Yes, I have been applying sunscreen before every run and I'm still getting racerback tan lines.)

Next up: two runs and strength training this week, then a road 10k on Saturday!